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Roberto Lepori and Vini da Terre Estreme

We are thrilled to be welcoming Bartolomeo Roberto Lepori to San Francisco Wine School on Fri and Sat, June 29th and 30th for Vini da Terre Estreme.  Lepori will lead us through three seminars highlighting different Italian Wines of extreme origin:  Wine Routes Amongst Italy's Extreme Landscapes,  Extreme Red Wines and Passions for Taste &  Extreme Sparkling Wines and White Wines Flavored by the Sea.  See Lepori's poetic account below, initiating his guests to what they will experience by glass at this unique event series...

To understand the uniqueness, elegance and refinement of these wines, we must take a step back in history, when between the sixth and fourth centuries B.C. the Illyrians, the Greeks and the Etruscans colonized the Italic peninsula and brought with them the mother grape stumps of what are today the more than one thousand varieties that the wine-growing Italy possesses. It is a journey of history, art and love that these heroic winemakers preserve intact over time and that with difficulty and generosity pass on from father to son, from generation to generation. 

In these impervious territories from the paradisiacal aspect, it is the arduous manual work in the vineyard, the daily struggle with nature, the love for the territory and the preservation of traditions, that makes these wines unrepeatable and precious works of art that can not be compared with the standardized international enology. Wines with the taste of the sea, with the warmth of the sun, with the rigidity of the mountain, with the scent of the wind and with the sound of the volcano. 

It will be an exciting and seductive journey. Every small sip will take you to the enchanted places of these wines. Their flavors will take you by the hand to reach the steep cliffs where the vine clings to small strips of land, to continue through the enchanting hills shaped by time like the sinuous forms of a woman and reach up to 2,500 meters in height to discover the wines refined under the snow. It is a fascinating and romantic occasion that we will share together on June 29th and 30th for the joy of good drinking and with the awareness of being unique.

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