Global Wine Foundations - A Special Online Series for Members of the Chaine de Rotisseurs

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  - Sydney J. Harris

This online series was adapted specifically for the Chaine es Rotisseurs to provide members with access to professional level wine education across a broad range of topics including tasting, pairing and the world's most important regions. These 8 live webinars will be led by Master Sommelier David Glancy, 1 of 12 MS in the world to also pass the Certified Wine Educator exam. Glancy is also a long-time Chaine des Rotisseurs member, Echanson Provincial Pacific Northwest, and judge for many Young Sommelier competitions.

Start with these 8 essential classes designed for wine savvy enthusiasts.  When you’re ready for more, dive deeper into each subject with over 100 different 2-3 hour Workshops.  Or get serious with 15 different certification Programs!   



Tuesdays 6:30-8:30
June 23 - August 11, 2020


The first class in the full series can also be taken a la carté as a single workshop.  All single workshop fees will be refunded upon registration of the full program.  

Week 1: Wine 101+

Get back to basics in this fast paced, jam packed foundational wine overview led by Master Sommelier David Glancy! Revisit critical topics and discuss key ideas many enthusiasts miss from different production methods, understanding wine labels, sensory experience and wine vocabulary, the world's most important grapes and styles, as well as how to buy, store, serve and pair wine with food.  Don't miss this class!

Week 2: World Wine Survey

Join us in unraveling the mysteries of the EU labeling scheme and compare it with the rest of the world. We will look for global patterns touring the world in a glass. Take in the highlights of France, Italy, and Spain, plus various New World regions. Explore  New World vs Old World and examples from various climates and grapes. 

Week 3: Blind Wine Tasting

Learn about the physiology of taste and how to evaluate acidity, tannin, residual sugar (RS) and other structural elements of wine. Enhance your wine description vocabulary and gain confidence in knowing what kind of wines you like and how to describe them to others. Gain insight into how Master Sommeliers and Young Sommelier competitors identify wines and develop your own blind tasting skills.

Week 4: Food Pairing Techniques

Can you create perfect pairings or are you paralyzed by the rules? Learn critical food pairing theories and how different styles of wine interact with primary flavor components. Explore many different combinations and their impact on the palate. Discover your preferences and those in the class and improve your confidence with new pairing knowledge!

Week 5: California Wines

California is by far the largest wine producing state in the USA & is a global powerhouse. Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles and Santa Barbara are some of the best known regions we will explore, but we'll also survey the rest of the state and most important wines throughout.

Week 6: French Wines

French wines serve as the foundation for most people trying to understand the wines of the world. After all, the French created the first nationwide appellation system that has since become the model for the European Union. Champagne, Burgundy & Bordeaux surely make our list, but join us to discover some of France's other quality regions and appellations.  

Week 7: Italian Wines

Italian wine is hot in the USA & is a global powerhouse. Piedmont's Barolo & Tuscany's Brunello surely make our greatest hits list, but join us as we explore Italy's other delicious regions and appellations. 

Week 8: Spanish Wines

Spanish wine is coming on strong in the USA - see what all the fuss is about.  Rioja, Priorat & Ribera del Duero are areas not to miss, but come find out our favorite wines and appellations. 


Special price for these private sessions is exclusively for Members of Chaine des Rotisseurs

Wine 101+ Only: refunded with Full Program Registration before June 30th

  • $65pp w/o wine
  • $95pp w/ wine pickup
  • $110pp w/ wine delivery inside CA
  • $135pp w/ wine delivery outside CA

Full Online Program: 

  • $400pp w/o wine
  • $640pp w/ wine pickup
  • $760pp w/ wine delivery inside CA
  • $960pp w/ wine delivery outside CA

Want to join late or can't make one of the classes?  Check out our reschedule policy and email for assistance.


All participants will receive pdf handouts, suggested wine lists, and a the link to attend the webinar with login details prior to the start of class. While wine tasting enhances your personal experience, it is not required for this program.

Wine tasting kits are available for additional charge and may be picked up at San Francisco Wine School or delivered to your home.  


Class will be conducted online in San Francisco Wine School's virtual classroom.  Links will be distributed prior to the event.

Wine pickup location:

San Francisco Wine School
415 Grand Ave #301
South San Francisco, CA 94080
Click for parking and public transportation information 

Please arrange for pickup:


All attendees must be 21+ years

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