Special Guest: Jeff Berlin

Jeff Berlin has been the General Manager and Wine and Spirits Buyer at A Cote Restaurant in Oakland, California since it's conception in the year 2000. Together with Chef Matthew Colgan, Jeff helped create A Cote's long-standing reputation for exceptional European-influenced cuisine, service, wine, and spirits. Jeff's love and passion for old-world wine evolved alongside the modern renaissance of the European wine industry, as long dormant wine production in Eastern Europe, the Balkans and the Caucasus regions came back to life. Working closely with a few pioneering Bay Area importers, Jeff has played an important part in generating interest in and a growing market for the lesser known rare grapes, regions and producers of Europe. In addition to exposing A Cote's clientele to a broader selection of wine, Jeff has traveled extensively throughout Europe, experiencing firsthand the effect that traditional grape growing and wine-making has had on the preservation and promotion of culture. A Cote has in turn hosted many glorious events with the wine-makers and their families that Jeff has met while traveling, further cultivating a growing appreciation for old world wines and the artisans who make them by American diners.

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