How Live Hybrid Classes & Events Work at San Francisco Wine School

Hybrid Classes & Events | San Francisco Wine School

Most Live Classes and Events are Now in Our NEW Hybrid Format

At San Francisco Wine School, we've recently invested in some serious AV technology upgrades to create an integrated experience, so both "Roomers" and "Zoomers" can engage with us and each other in live classes and events.  Whether you are excited to return to our beautiful venue in person or are enjoying the convenience of home learning, you can choose the experience that's right for YOU!

What's a Roomer?

Roomers are guests who will be participating in a class or event in-person.  If you are a Roomer, please review the latest COVID-19 safety measures before you arrive and be mindful of them while you're with us. All wine, glassware, and printed materials will be provided for you when you arrive.  

What's a Zoomer?

Zoomers are guests who will be logging into the class or event online and participate remotely on Zoom.  They'll receive printable electronic materials and a tasting kit to analyze and discuss the wines. 

Those who would like forgo the wine tasting kit, may apply SKIPTHEWINE at checkout and save 40% on many online workshops.  View all WEBONLY Workshops

What's a Hybrid Class or Event Like?

Hybrid classes and events are designed for guests to share a live, integrated experience whether they choose to participate in-person at our location with the instructor or participate online virtually.  The curriculum, class time, wines, and materials will be the same in both cases.

Both Roomers and Zoomers will be able to hear and see the instructor and slides at all times during their class or event.  They will also both be able to hear and sometimes see each other.  

We ask Zoomers to keep their cameras on, but stay muted when not speaking to the Instructor and Roomers to avoid unexpected audio interruptions. They can unmute and speak at any time just like a live class. Because the instructor will have guests with them in-person, they won't be able to tend to chat easily, so do speak up to engage with other Roomers and Zoomers.

Regardless of which way you choose to participate, our goal is for everyone to feel like part of the same class.

How Do I Register as a Roomer or Zoomer? 

When you checkout, pay close attention to the Shipping method! There will be options to select which format works best for you:

  • Attending In-Person (Roomer)
  • Pickup at SFWS (Zoomer)
  • Ship Tasting Kit (Zoomer)
  • Skip the Wine / BYO (Zoomer)

What if I want to attend some classes as a Roomer and some as a Zoomer?

If your order contains programs with multiple classes or multiple a la carté workshops and events, and you want to be a Roomer for some and a Zoomer for others, we recommend you register as "Attending In-Person".  Once this is complete simply forward your order confirmation to with  the dates you'd like to be a Zoomer and your preferred tasting kit pickup or delivery method and we'll be happy to make the adjustments for you.

I changed my mind!  How do I change my format preference after I've registered?

We understand that the world is evolving and situations and preferences change.  If you want to switch from Roomer to Zoomer or vice versa OR you want to change your wine delivery method, just send an email to at least 10 days in advance.  When possible, we are happy to accommodate changes requested with less than 10 days's notice, however additional fees may apply.  View our policies

Will I Receive More Information Before My Class or Event?

Yes!  You'll receive an order confirmation with important information at the bottom of the email as soon as you place your order.  Please review this as soon as it arrives and save it for future reference.

Zoomers will also receive handouts and class access information 

Be on the lookout 2-4 days from your start date (or within 24 hours of registration if you've already signed up within that window). If you have not received an email within 2 days of your class or event, please check your spam folder and reach out to if you still need assistance. 

Zoomer emails will contain a meeting access link.  Just click the link in the email and you'll be sent through to the live class at the specified time.  We encourage you to login 10 minutes early to say hello and get familiar with the technology.

Zoomers will also receive handouts attached to their email. Review them in advance or after class if you like. You can also print your handouts or load them on your tablet for note taking during class.

Roomers will receive no further communication

We ask that you review our most recent COVID-19 safety measures before you arrive  and that your comply with them while you are in our building.

All wine, glassware, and printed materials will be provided for you when you arrive.  

Wine Tasting Logistics

Wine and standard shipping is included with Hybrid format registrations when applicable.  

Wine Tasting for Roomers

If you will be a Roomer, your wines will be served to you in the classroom in our beautiful Riedel Crystal stemware. 

If you change your mind and would like to join as a Zoomer or get the recording after class, please notify at least 10 days in advance, so that we may create your tasting kit along with your fellow Zoomers. If you need your kit in less than 10 days of class, an expedited kitting fee will apply. We need a minimum of 48 hours notice to ensure your wines are not poured for you in class as they will no longer be kittable at that point.  Replacement kits may be available for an extra fee.

Wine Tasting for Zoomers

If you will be a Zoomer, you may pickup your wine tasting kit or have it shipped to you in 43 states at no charge.  If you register less than 10 days prior to a class, we recommend paying for expedited shipping to receive your wine in time for class.  Learn more about pickup and delivery options. There is no wine included if you use the SKIPTHEWINE code at checkout.

Please note that we are unable to include rebottled sparkling wines in tasting kits. Kits for classes and events dedicated to sparkling wine may contain a different and more limited selection of small format sparkling wines than those being poured for Roomers. In some cases, when there is no adequate substitute, a sparkling wine may be excluded altogether. If you would like to purchase full bottles of the sparkling wines being tasted with Roomers and receive them in time for the live class, please email at least 10 days in advance.

Learn more about making your format selection in the How Do I Register section above. 

Tasting Kit Shipping

If you are having your wine shipped, be on the look out for an email the week of class from GLS or UPS with your tracking information.  If you do not receive tracking information, check your spam filters, then please let us know.

If you register too late to receive your tasting kit in time for class, don't worry!  You will have access to the webinar recording and can revisit the class tasting once your tasting kit arrives.

If you are a Zoomer, want expedited shipping, and did not purchase it at checkout, click here

Tasting Kit Care

When you receive your wine tasting kit, it's important to open your kit (not the wine) right away and follow the instructions on the enclosed letter.  There is also a wine order form enclosed so you can purchase additional bottles if you find something you love. ❤️

Live Classes & Events are Recorded and Available

Want to review something you may have missed the first time? No problem, you can request access to the full class to refresh your knowledge.

Other Online Program Options - Asynchronous Classes

If participating live or watching the class recording isn't for you, we also offer our expertly designed, university style online programs as part of the Glancy eWine School.  These certification programs provide plenty of interaction with your instructor and fellow students, but the curriculum is asynchronous, so you can engage on your own schedule each week.  Read more...