Wine Styles of the World: A Blind Tasting Series

Learn about wine styles beyond red and white while developing your blind tasting skills. This four-class series, created by Master Sommelier David Glancy, focuses on natural, sparkling, rosé, and fortified (sweet) wines produced around the globe. Rather than emphasizing a single region, you’ll learn about the diversity in regions, grapes, and production methods that influence these four styles — and how their attributes might be perceived in the glass. 

Whether for certification, career advancement, or pure enjoyment, this unique series will help you understand wine styles from a broader, global perspective.  No prerequisites are required for this series, but if you want to get started with an entry-level introduction to blind wine tasting, check out Intro to Blind Tasting, part of our Intro to Wine Series, or Tasting, Chemistry, and Flaws.

About This Series

An exploration of style, this four-class series examines the regions, grapes, and production methods behind sparkling, rosé, natural, sweet, and fortified wines.

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