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Finding Your Path Through Wine Education

Our goal is to help students to achieve even the highest level of wine certification through an accessible, modular path of study. This modular path meets each student where they're at and allows them to create a unique educational experience to meet their goals.

Each program we offer has been carefully chosen by Master Sommelier David Glancy to be used as a building block toward different career paths and certifications.

Read more about his vision. For additional guidance, contact help@sfwineschool.com

Learning Paths By Career Goal

Learning Paths by Credential Goal

Enhance Your Learning

We all have gaps in our learning and struggle with some concepts and regions more than others. Here are more ways to round out your education and help you achieve your goals.

Want Personal Guidance?

We're here to help! Tell us about your background, interests and anything else that's important to you in a class. We're happy to make suggestions, so you can find just the right fit.