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Hire San Francisco Wine School for your next private event!  Whether online or in person, for business or pleasure, edu-tainment and edu-tasting is our specialty! Themes can be selected from packages below or completely customized. Events can be hosted at your venue or ours.  Virtual experiences are always an option with wine & glassware delivery available to 46 states.  Read about one client's virtual experience.

Our gorgeous sunlight-filled Education & Event Center boasts 16-ft high coved ceilings, eight 12-ft tall windows, and gorgeous 180 degree views of the San Bruno Mountains, City Hall and the San Francisco Bay. Two sets of moveable acoustic walls allow us to configure our 4,000 sq ft venue in a variety of ways - from three private rooms to one grand event space. Modular furniture allows table seating for 130 and walk-around gatherings of up to 400. Our state-of-the-art AV system with multiple mobile 80" monitors puts your content in just the right place. Catering options are endless. See our latest COVID-19 Information.

Consumer Events

Trade Events

  • corporate off-site meetings
  • mini-conferences
  • private dining experiences
  • celebratory & networking receptions
  • team-building events
  • private wine education
  • walk around tastings
  • masterclasses
  • certification classes & exams
  • educational seminars
  • industry talks, panels and demos
  • competitions

  • Venue rentals start at $1,000 for up to 3 hours and private experiences start at $1,250.  Please note that all guests attending an event at San Francisco Wine School must be 21 or older.  Hosting private events at a location of your choice or online is always an option. Get Quote 

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    Private Experience Packages

    All Private Experience Packages include Wine, Instructor & Gratuity. Additional venue fees and taxes may apply depending on selected experience. VIRTUAL EXPERIENCES ARE AVAILABLE FOR MOST THEMES.  Additional planning and travel fees apply to offsite events.  Customized experiences are ALWAYS an option. Min Onsite / Offsite Event Fee = $1,250 / $1500.  Get A Quote

    SEATED EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES (In-person & Virtual Available)

    Taste Like A Pro - Blind Wine Tasting Workshop

    THE perfect foundational class for wine lovers of all experience levels! You and your guests will have a blast learning professional blind wine tasting techniques at San Francisco Wine School! Let one of our industry leading instructors teach you how to talk about wine using a common language and identify varietals, region, and age based on sight, smell and taste alone. Discover what characteristics you like and don’t and become a more savvy consumer.  Once you’ve got the hang of the techniques, test your new skills with a friendly competition. Add some welcome bubbles and bites or stay for a private dining experience after your event. This makes a fantastic social event or team building exercise and will surely be a hit with your group!

    Wine Maker For A Day Blending Sessions

    Learn about what it takes to make a great blend in this fun and competitive team setting!  Your group will explore 4 different varietals, how they interact together when combined and how to read and create a wine label.  Then they’ll be set loose to create their own custom blends, name their wines, design their own labels and even create and perform their own commercials when time allows.  Judging can be done by your instructor or by panel.  Awards may be given for Best Blend, Best Label, and Best Commercial.  Teams can enjoy the rest of the wine after class for happy hour as they share their team experiences with each other - a great time to add in some hors d'oeuvres.

    Judgement of Paris - California vs France

    In 1976, the world famous Judgment of Paris brought California into the forefront of the wine scene when a 1973 Chateau Montelena Chardonnay and 1973 Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon won the blind French competition. In this fun and engaging tasting, our instructors will guide guests through a series of wine flights comparing the same varietals from California & France noticing differences in fruit, earth, wood & other aromas as well as other differentiating characteristics such as sugar, acid, tannin & alcohol. Blind tasting techniques will be discussed throughout the session and your group will have a blast judging which wine is which. Kick your event off right with some bubbles and bites when you arrive or stay for a private dining experience after your event. This makes a fantastic social event or team building exercise and will surely be a hit with your group!

    Battle of the Grapes

    We can help you host an engaging and interactive Judgment of Paris style Battle of the Grapes between many varieties and regions!  Compare the same varietal wine from 2 different places. How about Italy vs California?  Choose from Pinot Grigio, Vermentino, Sangiovese, Barbera and others. Your instructor will guide you through the history of the grapes and winemaking in those regions.  Which wine is which?  Which is the favorite?  This is a fun, hands-on way to enjoy tasting and learning together as a group! 

    Sips with Soul

    Our 2020 Special Virtual Sips with Soul Charity Event featuring 23 Black Sommeliers and Black Owned Wineries was a huge hit!  You too can experience this fun and engaging guided tasting experience! Let one of San Francisco Wine School Instructors lead you through a flight of wines featured in the event, while sharing the history and stories of each along with excerpted sommelier / winery owner presentations from the event itself!  A portion your event fee will be donated to San Francisco's Museum of African Diaspora.

    Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles!

    Bubbles are never wrong according to Master Sommelier David Glancy.  In this fun and educational session, our Industry Leading Instructors will guide you through a flight of sparkling wines from around the world.  You'll learn about the history of sparkling wine, various production methods, as well as common regions, grapes and styles. This experience is a must for sparkling wine lovers and those seeking to improve their wine tasting skills and knowledge.  This makes a perfect celebratory event for your group!

    Napa Elevations

    Not all Napa Cabernet is the same!  With this Napa Elevations Edu-tasting, our instructors will provide you with an in-depth tour and guided tasting of the world-famous Napa Valley, exploring the diversity of soils, exposures, and elevations that contribute to the wide diversity of wine styles in this region.  Your guests will love the guided blind tasting of four carefully selected Cabernets of similar vintage and blend from four different elevations and sub-AVAs of the valley.  With this eye opening experience, you'll begin to decode the impact that elevation and other factors can have on the finished wine!

    Food & Wine Pairing Lab

    Our industry leading instructors will guide the audience through 16-36 different combinations of food flavors and wine while discussing the fundamentals of food & wine pairing theory.  The audience will discover some heavenly delights and horrific train wrecks and leave knowing first hand what works and doesn’t at the dinner table.  

    Do Points Matter?  a look at today's wine rating systems

    Do you buy wines by the numbers?  With all of the information available at our fingertips these days, many people do!  Have you ever stopped to think about how those ratings are actually determined and what they really say about the wine in the bottle? In this eye opening discussion, we'll explain the methodologies and differences in today’s wine awards, rating systems, and competing critics' palates and styles. Then you'll taste highly rated wine against low/no rating wine.  Can you tell the difference?  Which wine do YOU like best?  Is it the same as your fellow guests?  How aligned is your palate with the critics and how might your future wine selection habits change as a result?

    Private Wine Education

    Any of our 100+ public classes can be conducted privately for your group and customized for your preferences.  Browse our wide array of Workshops for inspiration...

    RECEPTION STYLE EXPERIENCES (our location or yours)

    Perfect Flights Edu-Tasting

    Custom curated wine flight selected by Master Sommelier David Glancy and hosted by one of San Francisco Wine School’s industry leading instructors who will guide your guests through the stories behind each wine selected including producer history, wine characteristics, regional influences, climate, soils and primary grape profiles. Select your own theme or let us suggest one for you. This is a great way to kickoff a seated educational or private dining experience.

    Perfect Pairings Wine & Bites Edu-Tasting Reception

    Find your perfect bite! Enjoy custom curated food & wine pairings selected by Master Sommelier David Glancy and prepared by Resident Chef Danae McLaughlin. Your event will be hosted by one of San Francisco Wine School’s industry leading instructors who will guide your guests through an engaging food & wine pairing experience as you explore several bites and sips discussing the unique wine and food combinations and why they work together.  Select your own theme or let us suggest one for you. This is a great way to kickoff a seated educational or private dining experience.

    PRIVATE DINING EXPERIENCES (our location or yours)

    Classic Food & Wine "Playing" Experience

    Enjoy the beautiful views of City Hall, The San Bruno Mountains and the San Francisco Bay from your own private room where one of San Francisco Wine School’s industry leading instructors will be dedicated to your service and lead your guests through an engaging four course private dining experience prepared by Resident Chef Danae McLaughlin and Master Sommelier David Glancy. Explore and savor your flight of four distinct wines designed to illuminate food and wine pairing theory as you mix and match the combinations throughout your meal. Discover your perfect bite and those of your peers as you engage in lively discussions this special evening and take home new knowledge and an appreciation for food and wine "playing".

    The Ultimate Gourmet Food & Wine Pairing Experience

    Let one of San Francisco Wine School’s industry-leading instructors guide your guests through a private dining experience you won't forget. Enjoy a gourmet four course meal prepared by Resident Chef Danae McLaughlin with 8 wines carefully curated by Master Sommelier David Glancy. Each course will be expertly paired with two unique selections designed to compare and contrast with the flavor components of each dish.  Select your theme of California vs France, Northern vs Southern Italy, Spain vs Portugal, Red vs White, or dream up with your own!  Which pairing will be the crowd favorite?


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