Lots of new public events added... Conterno Borolo, wine Collecting, & Israeli wine, o my! 🍷

Intro Series

San Francisco Wine School Intro Series workshops are the perfect way to dip your toe into wine education and learn the basics of tasting, pairing and the world's most important regions.  Sign up for the classes you're interested in or register for the full Intro Series for a discount of the a la carté price. 

- Wine 101
- Intro to California
- Intro to World Wines
- Intro to France
- Intro to Blind Tasting
- Intro to Italy
- Intro to Food Pairing
- Intro to Spain


When you’re ready for more, dive deeper into each subject with over 100 different 2-4 hour Workshops to choose from.  Or get serious with our 18 different professional level certification Programs!  Contact help@sfwineschool.com to discuss what's right for you! 

Upcoming Intro Series Workshops