Advanced Blind Wine Tasting

This six-class series, developed by Master Sommelier David Glancy, is our most advanced, in-depth course in blind tasting. You’ll hone your identification skills as you tackle the most challenging wine flights to discover and profile the similarities and differences between varietals, while also deciphering the differences between regional and varietal influences. 

Advanced Blind Tasting is recommended as part of the San Francisco Wine School’s learning path for advanced wine certifications, including WSET Level 4 Diploma in Wines, Certified Wine Educator, Advanced and Master Sommelier, and Master of Wine. 

While this series is open to wine professionals and serious enthusiasts alike, you will want to have a solid foundation in blind tasting before signing up. Consider taking these series before jumping into the advanced level: Intermediate Blind Tasting, Wine Styles of the World: A Blind Tasting Series, and Wine Grapes of the World: A Blind Tasting Series. 

Questions about which blind-tasting series is right for you? Send us an email. 

About This Series

DEVELOP YOUR SENSES: An in-depth program to prepare for mid-level blind tasting exams and bring your tasting skills to the next level.

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