COVID-19 Information

We care deeply about the health and well-being of our guests, our staff and our community and have implemented the following COVID-19 policies and practices to help keep everyone healthy.  

Classes and Events Are Now Available In-Person, Online and Hybrid Room/Zoom Format

We continue to host both in-person and online Private Events and Public Classes.  Most classes and events are being offered in our new Hybrid Format!  Each class or event registration page will indicate the formats available on the registration page.  Learn how our How Our Hybrid Classes and Events Work  

Participate Online or Reschedule If You’re Sick or Test Positive

We are thrilled to welcome everyone back to in-person classes!  We do ask that any in-person attendees who are not feeling well stay home and participate online if available.  

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 and have COVID-19 symptoms or you test positive for Covid-19, please stay home and participate online if applicable for a minimum of 5 days from the date of first symptom or positive test.  You may return to class after the 5th day provided your symptoms are improving and you test negative.  You may return to class on the 10th day if you have not tested.

Distance learning options and recordings are available, so that you can continue your studies when you are ready.

Rescheduling Policy

If you are unable to join in person, you will be able to join most classes and events as a Zoomer.  Most class recordings will be available should you need to miss class altogether and may be requested by contacting  

View our Cancellation, Reschedule and Refund Policy for other options

Our Commitment to Health and Cleanliness

  • All of our staff has been fully vaccinated and boosters will be required as of Feb 1, 2022.  Our staff will be working from home if they are experiencing any signs of COVID-19 illness. If an instructor needs to stay home, we will find a replacement or notify students of class reschedule as soon as we become aware.
  • While social distancing is no longer required for the public, we continue to seat guests 6’ apart whenever possible. You are welcome to move your seats closer together or farther apart if you choose.  
  • We keep hand soap and sanitizer fully stocked for those who would like to use it.    
  • All glassware is sanitized as part of our regular pre-COVID protocols
  • All tables will be cleaned and sanitized between all classes as part of our regular pre-COVID protocols
  • Doors and windows will remain open when temperature and noise level permits to maximize circulation weather & noise permitting.
  • Our new HVAC is equipped with Merve 13 filtration throughout the school and will be available even when the doors and windows are closed.
  • Our building management is responsible for common building areas and has committed to keeping restroom soap dispensers and hand sanitizers full.  

Health & Safety Concerns

If you have additional questions or concerns over any of our health and safety practices, please email Thanks very much for your cooperation and understanding during this challenging time for us all.