Special Guest:Bartolomeo Roberto Lepori

Special Guest:Bartolomeo Roberto Lepori
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Bartolomeo Roberto Lepori is an International Wine, Food and Tourism Journalist, Sommelier, Wine and Spirits Educator, Judge, and Wine and Food Communications Specialist.

Roberto lives in Rome, but, like Ulysses, he is always traveling around the world to discover the "knowledge", the culture, and the traditions of the different countries.  He states that "wine is an art, like poetry, painting, music, love, dance, singing, history, and astronomy; the language of wine a celestial sublimation of body, mind, spirit and soul".

He graduated "cum laude" in law from Rome University, and he also graduated as Master Class Sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association of Rome. He regularly writes on Italian food and wine, wine events, and tourism in a number of Italian food and wine magazines and blogs, as well as on the international wine competitions in which he judges

As a specialist of Wine and Spirits, Roberto also teaches food and wine pairing and conducts seminars on sparkling wines, white wines, classic red wines and, in particular, on “ Wines from Extreme Lands"; wines from impervious lands made by heroic producers. A project that for years has accompanied Roberto around the world to make these wines known to demanding wine lovers of high quality.

Earlier this year Roberto was invited to judge to the BeoWine in Belgrade and to the Southern Russia Competition Krasnodar, and as relator to the Hvar Vine Festival, in Croatia, RO-WINE Bucharest in Romania, Mediterranean Food Festival, Jelsa - Croatia, and in many others events in Italy.

In the next months, Roberto will participate as a relator and judge to the Città del Vino "Selezione del Sindaco" - Italy; "Wine from Extreme Lands" San Francisco - California ; Gastro AlaTurka Budva and Istanbul - Turkey; Wine Expo Varsavia - Poland; Italian Wine Expo in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam; Astana - Kazakhstan; Toronto - Canada; Panama - Republic of Panama; Sichuan - Chengdu China; Baku - Azerbaijan.

At any given time you may find Roberto playing guitar, cooking for friends, reading classical Greek and Latin literature, traveling on his Harley Davidson, getting lost at sea on a sail boat, or drinking a good glass of wine with people he loves.

If you ask Roberto which is the best wine he knows, he will answer: "what I still have to try"!


We are thrilled to be welcoming Lepori to San Francisco Wine School on Fri and Sat, June 29th and 30th for Vini da Terre Estreme.  Lepori will lead us through three seminars highlighting different Italian Wines of extreme origin: 
 Wine Routes Amongst Italy's Extreme Landscapes, Extreme Red Wines and Passions for Taste &  Extreme Sparkling Wines and White Wines Flavored by the Sea.  

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