New Year, New Courses from San Francisco Wine School

New Year, New Courses from San Francisco Wine School

San Francisco, Calif. (January 29, 2015) With the addition of Master of Wine Adam Lapierre to the team and three brand new programs to the schedule, San Francisco Wine School now boasts top-level educators from, and coursework for, all four major wine credentialing bodies. The School’s elite group now comprises three Master Sommeliers (Court of Master Sommeliers), three with Diplomas in Wine & Spirits (Wine & Spirits Education Trust), three Certified Wine Educators (Society of Wine Educators) and one Master of Wine (Institute of Masters of Wine). This guarantees that, no matter which educational path wine students choose, they will be fully supported by San Francisco Wine School.

These moves also help San Francisco Wine School meet the four significant goals they sought to achieve by 2015:

  • Build a new kind of wine school with a modular path
  • Pioneer visionary wine programs unlike any others and deliver them in progressive and unique ways
  • Provide preparatory programs for students pursuing certifications from any major credentialing body
  • Solve one of wine study’s most perplexing problems, “credential blur”

"Credential blur is one of the greatest challenges for those looking to advance their wine careers,” says David Glancy, founder of San Francisco Wine School. “Students are confused by the maze of wine study programs and certifications available, some of them offering competing and even misleading claims. It’s nearly impossible for students to figure out which one is right one for them.”

“A one-size-fits-all program is not the answer. We believe credential programs can work together and, when they do, students will get the best-rounded knowledge and a global perspective. With Adam on our team of rock stars, we’re armed with the most well-respected, relevant and impactful credentials in the wine industry. Now we can now fully deliver on our vision.”

As part of that vision, Glancy has pioneered powerful wine certification preparatory programs (for Certified Specialist of Wine, for example) and, when no certification existed, he developed programs unique in the industry to bridge those gaps, including Somm Essentials and California Wine Appellation Specialist®.

Under San Francisco Wine School’s innovative modular structure, students can sample individual workshops from respected certificate programs or pursue one of the School’s visionary wine programs, focusing on the topics they want or need, when it works best for them. To help students chart their path, the School has developed an overview that outlines courses of study by certification or career path. See course descriptions below and view Understanding Our Programs.

A visionary for wine education, Glancy delivers programs in progressive and unique ways that work for both serious enthusiasts and those working in the business. In addition to traditional classroom programs, students can also choose from traveling three-day intensives and cutting-edge online programs in the School’s virtual classroom.

New Programs for 2015

WSET Level 2 Weekends, April 12 – 25 - $815 The Wine & Spirit Education Trust, or WSET, was founded in London in 1969 and is regarded as one of the world's leading providers of wine education. WSET Level 2 is a great way for anyone who works in wine, wants a career in the wine industry or has a serious interest in the subject to deepen their knowledge. The course covers wines and spirits of the world in eight classes, followed by a one-hour multiple choice examination. The course covers how to taste wine professionally, factors that influence wine style, quality and price, and an in-depth review of major grape varieties and wine types. Wine tasting is a part of every session with over 40 wines tasted during the course. This program will be offered at San Francisco Wine School by Adam Chase, DWS and Grape Experience, Northern California’s leading provider of WSET certifications.

Advanced Tasting Program April 20 - 24 Mon - Fri (9am-12 noon) - $795 Led by a Master Sommelier, this week-long, half-day, hands-on Advanced Tasting Program is a series of workshops designed to enhance blind wine analysis techniques, while challenging experienced enthusiasts and students preparing for upper level exams with any major wine credentialing body. Taste more than 30 manipulated samples to sharpen your ability to assess structure and identify fruit, spice, herb, oak and other aromas and isolate wine flaws. Learn deductive tasting methodologies for upper exams with Society of Wine Educators, Court of Master Sommeliers, Wine Spirit Education Trust, Institute of Masters of Wine and others. Taste more than 20 unaltered wines from around the world to hone varietal and regional identification skills. Drills will include an emphasis on focus, timing, descriptions and conclusions. Strong wine theory and blind tasting experience are recommended for this program. We encourage beginning wine students to take Blind Wine Tasting Basics, Tasting, Chemistry & Flaws, or equivalent prior to enrolling in this Program. Students focused on fine dining service or preparing for upper level sommelier exams may also consider our Advanced Service Program that follows in the afternoon.

Advanced Service Program April 20-24 Mon - Fri (1pm-4pm) - $795 Led by a Master Sommelier, this five-day, hands-on Advanced Service Program is a series of workshops designed to enhance skills in all areas of beverage service. Perfect for experienced professionals interested in providing better service on the job and challenging for students preparing for competitions or upper level exams with any sommelier credentialing body. Improve your tray, sparkling wine and decanting techniques during tableside service drills. Tackle wax-sealed bottles and practice proper restaurant service with CoraVin. Learn the gold standards of hospitality as you encounter challenging situations and customers. Explore advanced food and wine pairing theories and options and apply these skills to your own wine, beer, spirit and cocktail list. Enhance your salesmanship and improve your profit management skills throughout the program. We encourage beginning service students to take Somm Essentials or an equivalent program, or have prior beverage service experience before enrolling in this Program. Students focused on blind tasting or preparing for upper level WSET, SWE, or sommelier exams may also consider our Advanced Tasting Program that precedes this program in the morning.

Other Programs (view full schedule)

  • 3 & 4 hour workshops
  • Somm Essentials
  • Certified Specialist of Wine
  • California Wine Appellation Specialist®
  • French Wine Scholar
  • Italian Wine Professional

About San Francisco Wine School
We strongly believe that education propels everyone to greater success. At San Francisco Wine School, our mission is to breathe new energy into the world of wine education by teaching only the wine topics and credential programs that best prepare students for success, no matter what their career path. We strive to offer programs that are relevant to everyone, from students newly embarked on their discovery of wine, to advanced wine professionals already successfully established in the business.

Inspired educational programs are taught by industry-leading instructors and feature the best content in the business: expert course materials, carefully conceived wine flights, and in-depth blind tasting exercises designed to engage students, illuminate course content and enhance learning. Rigorous wine programs not only aid in credential exam preparation, but foster an in-depth understanding of wine types and world appellations and with that, a profound appreciation of the subject.

San Francisco Wine School is bringing together under one roof all of the credentials most important to wine professionals and filling the gaps in areas where no relevant education exists. Founder and CEO, David Glancy, MS, CWE created the California Wine Appellation Specialist® (CWAS) credential, the first ever in-depth California professional credential program, Somm Essentials, a 40-hour certificate program for the beverage and hospitality industries, as well as beginning and advanced workshops for industry professionals and enthusiasts alike. For more information, visit San Francisco Wine School at and on Facebook, LinkedIn, Yelp and Twitter.

Check out our full schedule of programs, workshops and public events. Private, customized experiences and corporate training is also available.

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New Year, New Courses from San Francisco Wine School