Explore the Cradle of Wine Civilization: March 13, San Francisco

Explore the Cradle of Wine Civilization: March 13, San Francisco

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No single characteristic of a wine lover proves more important in the long run than curiosity. If you love wine, but aren't curious, you'll never truly experience the wonders of what the wine world has to offer. If, on the other hand, you like nothing more than trying new things, not only will you never get bored with wine, you'll be continually rewarded with pleasure.

And it's not just new things you should try. Sometimes you should try old things, too. And that is why you might be interested in one of the most unique wine events ever held in San Francisco.

On Saturday, March 13th, the San Francisco Wine School will put on a full day program entitled The Cradle of Wine Civilization. A combination of seminars and tasting, this event will highlight the world's most ancient winemaking techniques and how they have evolved into the wines we know today.

You'll hear from the world's foremost wine archeologists and wine historians, and get a chance to taste wines from Georgia, Armenia, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, and Palestine. I've met and listened to many of the experts presenting at this conference, and tasted more than a few of the wines, and I can guarantee you're in for a treat if you attend.

The event, put on by The San Francisco Wine School, begins at 10 AM with a lecture on the origins of winemaking, and is followed by guided tastings, a tasty sounding lunch, and more tastings and lectures in the afternoon. The event concludes with an ancient beer reception that evening.

If you're a student of wine, either formally or informally, you'd be hard pressed to find a more rewarding way to spend a Saturday than immersing yourself in the very beginnings of how mankind began our love affair with the fruits of the vine. I highly recommend it.

The Cradle of Wine Civilization
March 13, 2016 10 AM to 6:30 PM
The San Francisco Wine School
415 Grand Ave #301
South San Francisco, CA 94080

Tickets for the full day event are $175, or if you just want to attend the walk-around tasting and the beer happy hour, that will run you $45. Tickets should be purchased in advance online.

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