Class Fee Reductions & Gift Certificates for COVID-19 Impacted Workers

A frightening number of wine professionals have had their hours reduced and lost their jobs in recent days as restaurants, tasting rooms and their suppliers struggle.  With this, comes the loss of important social connection, income, and sense of purpose.  All of us at San Francisco Wine School feel the weight of our responsibility to do what we can for our colleagues during this challenge.

In order to support those who want to lean on our community and turn their focus toward professional development and study at this time, we are currently offering class fee reductions of up to 40% off online programs and workshops through Aug 31, 2020 for industry professionals impacted by COVID-19.


This support is available to any wine & hospitality trade members who have become unemployed or underemployed due to mandatory Social Distancing and Shelter in Place orders. Fee reductions will be awarded on a sliding scale based upon financial need, demonstrated dedication, and career aspirations. Please complete all sections of the application to be considered. Proof of statements made on the application may be required to qualify.   Deadline for submission is 3 days prior to desired class start date.


We also encourage wine lovers who are gainfully employed to join us in this support by donating gift certificates to worthy professional students. If no specific recipient comes to mind, we are happy to connect you with a student in need who would be forever grateful for the kindness and generosity. You can reach us at for assistance.


Also, for those of you who are practicing blind tasting techniques, our founder, Master Sommelier David Glancy is hosting a FREE S.I.P. with SF Wine School most days during Shelter in Place at 5pm.  During each 20 minute online webinar, David describes a wine he is drinking and the audience uses deductive tasting techniques to analyze the wine and make their conclusions about varietal, region and vintage.  Visit our Facebook page to learn more.