Women in Wine on the Rise

Women in Wine on the Rise

The second half of 2013 saw an upsurge in activities for women in wine in South America. In December at the Museo del Vino was the first meeting of the Asociación de Muejeres del Vino del Uruguay (AMVU), an initiative began by veteran marketer/saleswoman Fabiana Bracco and Rosita Moreno of Uruguay’s wine governing body INAVI who were joined at the rose-laden dais by Analia Lazaneo of Artesana Winery, Victoria Varela of Varela Zarranz Winery, freelance sommelier Cecilia Maqueir, and over 30 attendees. A non-profit association with the aim of promoting wine culture involved with social responsibility, its intent is to develop common areas of interest with INAVI, the export-driven Wines of Uruguay, wineries, winemakers, and sommeliers to create opportunities in which women can meet to both learn of wine.

Inspired by a similar initiative began last July in Argentina, Bracco began circulating the word soon after to create a place where woman can meet to speak about wine. “The day I decided to put together our Facebook page I saw the need for the sector for Uruguayan women had to find some direction,” said Lazaneo. “It was awesome how quickly people asked questions and expressed uncertainties for it, but these gave us strength to organize this meeting.”

Mariela Ilardo, Hospitality Manager for Argentina’s Pilatelli Vyds., said her Women’s Association of Argentina Wine Civil Association (AMUVA) is the first nonprofit in the country composed of professionals and enthusiasts of wine and related products. To date Brazil and Chile haven’t comparable organizations. “We believe that the work and contribution of women is very valuable and necessary in the wine industry and also to ensure that in every house of our country, everybody knows as much as possible about wine and its responsible consumption benefits,” she asserted.

In addition to creating activities designed to generate business opportunities for women working in the wine sector and bonding with other food/drink sectors such as olive oil and tea (both of which Uruguay produces), AMVU’s goals include, supporting the woman-related programs of fighting breast cancer and supporting single mothers.

More information may be found via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AmuvaArg?fref=ts and https://www.facebook.com/pages/Asociación-de-Mujeres-del-Vino-de-Uruguay/565470713508541?ref=stream and at http://winesofuruguay.com/?lang=en#/Content/col/show?id=428 .

These developments have arisen 23 years since the inception of the US’s Women for Wine Sense. Based in Napa it sports eight regional chapters and six membership levels, hosting promotional and educational events to support scholarships and other areas of interest to its members. http://womenforwinesense.org/

What have you seen out in the wine industry regarding women?  Would you enjoy the opportunity to get together with women and discuss wine and the wine sector?

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