Special Guest Sommelier: Lindsey Young

Special Guest Sommelier: Lindsey Young

Lindsey Young is a competitor in San Francisco Wine School's 2022 Somm Olympics, part of their annual Anniversary Celebration benefitting the Glancy Wine Education Foundation and wine industry professionals in need of financial aid. 

Lindsey is a native Californian. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, with strong roots and family influence from Louisiana, both of which contributed to her appreciation for culinary arts at a young age. She has a BA degree in Landscape Architecture from UC Davis. This education is where she was first introduced to the concept of relationship between terroir, vineyards and wine.

After having held many different positions in the restaurant industry, she decided to pursue her Sommelier Certification out of a passion for the interaction between food and wine. Since achieving certification, she has worked as Sommelier at Alexander’s Steakhouse, Beverage Director at Park Tavern and Ittoryu Gozu, and currently leading the wine team at Selby’s of Bacchus Management Group. After passing her Advanced Sommelier Certification through the Court of Master Sommeliers, she is seizing every opportunity to travel, experience the world of wine and share her passion with others while she studies for her Master Sommelier exams.

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