Leadership & Partners


Advisory Board

Rajat Parr

Wine Director, Mina Group Co-author, Secrets of the Sommeliers Owner, Sandhi Wines

Julien Camus

President, French Wine Society Colmar, France

Ed Levine

CEO, Left Bank & LB Steak House Restaurants & Vine Solutions, CA In Memoriam - Thanks for your many years of wisdom and service.

Antony Moss

MW, Director, Wine & Spirits Education Trust (WSET), London

Geoff Labitzke

MW, VP of Sales, Kistler Winery, CA

Joel Backman

COO/CFO, Meritech Capital Partners, Palo Alto

Ken Schroeder

CWP,CS, CSW, CWAS, President, TechVenture Management, CA

Beth Kaiser

CS, CSW, FWS, Business Operations Advisor, CA

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