Wines of the Ancient World


Did you know evidence of winemaking stretches back some 8,000 years, as far back as the Neolithic age? That’s 6000 years before Christ was born. The “fertile crescent” societies of Mesopotamia, Sumeria, and Babylon all knew of the rudimentary properties of fermentation and used it to their enjoyment.

Journey with us on a very special presentation and tasting of six wines from some of the oldest reaches of winemaking civilization in a modern, hybrid format.

From Croatia, Hungary, Lebanon, and beyond, you’ll receive a flight of six wines to imbibe alongside an engaging two-hour seminar with Zach Pace, one of our longest-serving instructors at SFWS and founder of Prologue Wine Coa specialty wine-and-food retail forum devoted to small-production, curated finds from around the globe.

You’ll also have the opportunity to purchase a full six-bottle box of these wines to take the journey further!


  • Toreta Posip, Croatia 2020
  • Sziegel Skin Contact Kovidinka Hungary 2018
  • Tyrdos Vranac, Bosnia & Herz 2017
  • Petit Baal, Lebanon 2018
  • Zorah Areni Noir, Armenia 2018
  • Gvino Saperavi, Georgia 2018


Friday, November 19, 2021


Hybrid - Room/Zoom

We've recently invested in some serious AV technology upgrades to create an integrated Hybrid Room/Zoom experience for all students.  Both "Roomers" and "Zoomers" are able to engage with us and each other during these live classes and events.  Recordings are also available after the class.  Whether you are excited to return to our beautiful venue in person or are enjoying the convenience of home learning, you can choose the experience that's right for YOU!  Learn more...

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