Instructor: Jienna Basaldu, Sommelier, Angler

Jienna Basaldu, Sommelier, The Morris SF

Jienna Basaldu is a San Francisco Wine School instructor and an Advanced Sommelier with hopes of becoming a Master Sommelier someday.  She's currently working with San Francisco's Michelin Starred, Angler and loves their expansive cellar full of wines from classic regions of the world.  Previously, she was Sommelier at the famed wine and chartreuse focused SF establishment, The Morris, where she worked with a wine program boasting over 1,000 selections. Jienna prides herself on guiding San Francisco’s most savvy patrons on their beverage adventures. When she is not studying, geeking out with her fellow professionals, drawing maps, or working the floor, she enjoys traveling the wine regions of the world.

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