Certified Sherry Wine Specialist Class, presented by Lustau

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Lustau, maker of top quality Sherries, presents the Certified Sherry Wine Specialist certification.  Led by Lucas Payà, Certified Sherry Educator and Lustau’s Brand Educator, this brief course is available to all wine students and aficionados and offers Beginner - Intermediate Level study material that has been reviewed and approved by the Regulatory Council of Jerez.

The program consists of a 2.5-hour class that includes:

  • Instruction on the history, geography, climate, viticulture, wine making, and wine styles.  When studying the styles of sherry, students will learn about their differences, pairings, and best ways to serve.
  • A tasting of all the basic styles (Finos, Amontillados, Olorosos, and Sweets, 6 wines)
  • A test (28 questions) graded after course to award the Certified Sherry Wine Specialist recognition to those with a passing score of 20 or more.

The Certificate of Achievement will be signed by both Lustau’s CEO and César Saldaña, Director of the Regulatory Council of Jerez. They will be numbered and a list of those that passed the course will be shared with the Regulatory Council. A Certificate of Recognition will be issued to those that do not achieve the passing grade but only signed by Lustau. 

TUITION - includes class and exam
$85 ($20 discount for Verified Trade**)

**Please email your business card to help@sfwineschool.com to apply for Verified Trade status.

Tuesday, Nov 5th


San Francisco Wine School
415 Grand Ave #301
South San Francisco, CA 94080
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All attendees must be at least 21 years of age



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