Inglenook's Historic Napa Wines & Riedel's Veritas Glassware - A Limited Virtual Tasting

Rubicon & Riedel: Discover their history and taste Inglenook's top wines with two sets of Riedel glassware to keep

San Francisco Wine School is proud to bring together Napa's first estate winery and the oldest family owned and operated global crystal glassware company in the world for one very limited virtual tasting with:

  • Master Sommelier David Glancy, Founder of San Francisco Wine School
  • Director Cher Engelstad of Inglenook
  • Winemaker Chris Phelps of Inglenook
  • Glassware Educator Susan Durbrow of Riedel USA

*Kits are sold out.  WebOnly is available.*
Wine & Glassware will be available for sale after event to use with recording.


What Matters Most?  The Wine or the Glass?  Let's explore the history and evolution of Napa's legendary Inglenook Vineyard and taste their top 4 wines including the revered Rubicon through your new set of Riedel Veritas crystal stemware.  We'll dare to mix and match the wines and glasses in this eye opening demonstration.  You'll experience first hand how a glass can make or break a tasting and learn why Riedel has expertly crafted different glasses for use with different varietal wines.

Inglenook Wines

Founded in 1879 by Gustave Niebaum as Napa’s first estate winery, Inglenook boasts an illustrious heritage, a renowned legacy of innovation and an outstanding portfolio of award-winning wines that have defined and established Napa as a world-class wine region. From Gustave Niebaum to John Daniel, Jr. to Francis Ford Coppola, Inglenook’s three principal stewards have shared a strong sense of vision and an unwavering passion to create a wine estate that hearkens back to the European tradition, producing original, distinctly Napa wines that rival the best in Europe. It remains the largest contiguous estate on the famed Rutherford Bench, Napa Valley’s finest area for producing spectacular Cabernet Sauvignon. All Inglenook vineyards have been one hundred percent certified organically farmed since 1994.

Master Sommelier David Glancy and Inglenook Winemaker Chris Phelps will guide guests through a tasting of Inglenook's top wines: 

  • Inglenook Blancaneaux 2018 - $65
  • Inglenook Syrah RC Reserve 2014 - $70
  • Inglenook Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 - $100
  • Inglenook Rubicon 2016 - $250

Riedel Glassware

Riedel, the 300 year-old family known for its groundbreaking varietal-specific crystal glassware, is the first in history to recognize that the taste of wine is affected by the shape of the glass from which it is consumed. Riedel has been recognized as the unrivaled “wine friendly” glassware brand to complement specific wines and spirits. 

Susan Durbrow of Riedel USA will lead a varietal specific stemware demonstration from Riedel's Veritas line, so you can experience the enhancement of proper glassware when enjoying your treasured wines.

  • Riedel Veritas  Merlot/Cabernet
  • Riedel Veritas New World Pinot Noir
  • Riedel Veritas Old World Syrah
  • Riedel Veritas Riesling/Zinfandel

Orders for wines & glassware from the tasting and a curation of other Library wines may be placed after the event with special event pricing.  


    Friday | April 16 | 6-8p PDT 

    Full Experience | $295 - SOLD OUT

      Each registration includes enough wine & glassware for up to two guests per location:

      • Two sets of four different Riedel Veritas varietal specific glasses described above (8 glasses $277 Value) 
      • Four 4oz Tastings of Inglenook wines described above (4 wines $80 Value)
      • Special Pricing on additional wine purchases and tasting sets

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      Web Only Access | $100

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