Cancellation/Reschedule & Refund Policy

Admissions Policy: 

Admission into any of the programs/courses requires that the student: 

Cancellation/Reschedule & Refund Policy: 

Cancellations of confirmed places are accepted up to 2 business days prior to the start of the course with full refund. If you need to cancel after attending at least one of the classes you will be refunded $70 for each class that you do not attend with a minimum notice of 2 business days. Study guides and any other course material must be returned in unused condition or the cost of the materials will be deducted from the total refund. If you need to stop the program part way through and resume where you left off at a later date, a $150 fee will be applied. Your registration is fully transferable to another person for the same course and session with no fees. 

Exam Reschedule / Retest Policy: 

If you are unable to take your CWAS or FWS exams on the scheduled date or need to take the exam again, a $150 fee will be applied. Email us at to register for a make-up test. CSW exam deferrals and re-takes are scheduled directly with the Society of Wine Educators for an additional fee. 

Attendance Policy: 

In order for students to complete their program, they are expected to attend all scheduled class sessions. Those whose absences exceed more than 20% per program are considered at-risk for successfully passing the certification exam. 

Academic Dishonesty: 

Academic Dishonesty is any behavior on the part of a student that results in that student’s or any other students’ giving or receiving unauthorized assistance in an academic exercise or receiving credit for work which is not the student’s own. 

As a San Francisco Wine School student, if you are given access to our learning management system, you are expected to keep confidential your username and password and never allow anyone else to login to your account. Sharing access or passwords to our learning management system is considered a breach of academic integrity and could result in you being removed from the program. 

When you login to our learning management system, you do so with the understanding and agreement to produce your own work, to complete course discussions and activities yourself, and to take course exams, tests or quizzes without the assistance of others. 

Allowing others to complete any course work or take a quiz, text, or exam for you is considered cheating and could subject you to fail or be withdrawn from the program.