Vas' May Day Virtual Happy Hour

Please support local small businesses by joining Vas Kiniris for this Private Online Tasting Experience led by San Francisco Wine School Founder, Master Sommelier David Glancy, Friday, May 1st 5-6p. 

Registrations beyond April 24th will require alternate wines, expedited shipments and/or additional fees. Contact for availability and pricing.

Do Points Matter?

Do you buy wines by the numbers?  With all of the information available at our fingertips these days, many people do!  Have you ever stopped to think about how those ratings are actually determined and what they really say about the wine in the bottle? 

In this eye opening discussion, Master Sommelier David Glancy will explain the methodologies and differences in today’s wine awards, rating systems, and competing critics' palates and styles.  Then we'll taste one highly rated wines vs one low/no rating wine.  Can you tell the difference?  Which wine do YOU like best?  Is it the same as your fellow guests?  How aligned is your palate with the critics and how might your future wine selection habits change as a result?


  • 1-hr Private, Live, Interactive Webinar led by Master Sommelier David Glancy where audience participation is encouraged!

  • 2 Wines (375-750ml) Delivered to YOU when you register by Friday, April 24th

  • PDF of slide materials to print for note taking if desired


Private Online Zoom Webinar Invitations will be distributed upon registration


  • Registrations must be received by Friday, April 24th to ensure timely wine delivery.  If deadline is missed, exact wines may not be available and additional expediting fees may apply.
  • All attendees must be at least 21 years of age.

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